Baptist pastor says Islam promotes pedophilia

By Fred Childers – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – "It is a religion that promotes pedophilia, sex with children, " said comment Dr. Robert Jeffress during a taped church segment in Dallas.

His comment has sparked a holy war of words within the religious community.

"It's unfortunate that he made those kinds of statements I expect more from the clergy,"
 said the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Mustafaa Carroll.

But that statement by a Dallas area Muslim was tame, compared to the response from a Muslim leader in Shreveport, Khurshid Kahn.

"Once we are through teaching him about Islam I guarantee you he will embrace Islam, he will forget about his faith and he will be a good Muslim.

"It is an evil religion, it is an oppressive religion, it is a violent religion that has incited attacks around the world and the attacks against our country," said Jeffress.

Jeffress was responding to a question about how to respond to someone who equates the Muslim Jihad to the Christian Crusades.

Khan admits that many religions refer to violence in their teachings.

"Yeah, violence is only last resort," said Khan.

Like Jeffress points to Islam, khan points to Christianity.

"Jesus, also said I did not come here as a peace, I have come here as a sword,"  said Khan.

Khan however, is not interested in a holy war, just a holy debate.

When asked if he really thinks that he could convert Jeffress he replied with a laugh, "This is my specialty."

We contacted several Baptist churches in the area for a response, but have not been called back.

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