Colin All Challengers


The game works on a point system based on both the game's winner and how confident you are in your picks. For example:

  • Team 1 plays Team 2, and you are absolutely sure without a doubt Team 1 will win that game, put Team 1 in the box next to "My 10 point choice is:", so if Team 1 wins, you'll get 10 points, but if they lose, then you lose 10 points.
  • However, maybe you're not totally sure Team 1 can win, but you think they'll pull it off, then put Team 1 next to "My 5 point choice is:", so you'll get 5 points if Team 1 wins but you'll only lose 5 points if they don't.
  • But maybe your a Team 1 fan, but you have no idea if Team 1 or Team 2 will win, then put Team 1 next to "My 1 point choice is:", so you'll only get 1 point if Team one wins, but you'll only lose a point if they lose.
  • The most points you can win is 55 (if you get all your picks right). The most points you can lose is -55 (if all your picks are wrong).

Colin is 6-1 after beating Chris Bertrand 44-37.


Vanderbilt vs Arkansas

Auburn vs Mississippi


Texas Tech vs Texas A&M

Colorado vs Oklahoma

Baylor vs Texas

Sam Houston St vs Northwestern St

Grambling vs Arkansas Pine-Bluff

SFA vs Texas St

West Alabama vs Southern Arkansas