Christus Schumpert to undergo major changes

Shreveport, LA (KSLA) - Two campuses for one of the main hospitals in the region will be undergoing some major changes. Christus Schumpert Health Systems announced Tuesday that they will trim down services at their St. Mary Place Campus to focus on Sutton Children's Hospital, Women's Health Services and their Cancer Center. Expansion and relocation plans are also slated for the Highland campus.

"It's a combination of where the growth is in the city and then as reimbursement goes down it puts pressure on all businesses to make sure they're deploying their resources as best they can" said Dr. Williams Lunn, Christus Schumpert Health System Coordinator.

The upcoming changes are expected to be implemented over the next several months. According to Christus Schumpert Health System's Regional Chief Operating Officer, the change comes as part of an effort to streamline- in the face of rising health care costs among other things.

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