Shreveport man wants city to fix drainage problems

By Tracy Clemons

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA)- A Shreveport man is taking a decades-old issue up with the city, and hoping to finally get a solution. He says the city should do something about the drainage problems near his home that cause his property to flood.

Charles Duke has lived at the corner of Jewella and Amelia for 40 years. He tells KSLA News 12 that the drainage problems that start down the street from him have led to his property flooding at least 15 times.

"I think you can do something. Even if you can't fix it altogether, do something," he said in an emotional appeal to city council Tuesday.

He says the problem began when the city allowed the Silver Pines Village subdivision to go up without developing what he calls an adequate drainage system between that neighborhood and his.

Duke says he's gone to city council for years asking for help. The $165 million bond package that council is considering made him speak out this week.

"I've tried to get in bond issues before, and I've been paying taxes for other people's drainage all these years, but they never would include me because not enough people were affected for the amount of money they'd have to spend."

Duke says he believes the city is taking him seriously this time around, and he's hopeful that council will include fixing the drainage in his neighborhood in this bond package.

He got a call from a city engineer Wednesday morning. We spoke with that engineer late Wednesday afternoon, and he said he doesn't have an idea what they're going to do just yet, but that they are looking at the information they have so far, and plan to get back to Mr. Duke next week.

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