Teen pop star song controversial message, parents weigh in

UNDATED (KSLA) –15-year-old Jessica Jarrell is new on the pop music scene, but her message is one we've heard sung about time and time before…teenage love, but only this time it comes with a surprising ending.

The ending is so surprising that we [KSLA] sat down with a couple of Ark-La-Tex moms to watch and listen.

Now even in a sea of numbers, which just so happen to include her measurements of all things, Stephanie Pace, an Ark-La-Tex mother of two young girls caught the other set of numbers right away.

"What's the number again," said Pace as she listened to the music video. 10 digits, you can hear and see legibly in the background. So we [KSLA] did what millions others who have heard the song either online or over the airwaves could have done, we called it.

Once a person calls, an automated system answers with the option to press 1 to listen to a message from Jessica, or press 2 to hang out with the other callers.

Kids being Kids! We [KSLA] heard plenty of that, but what parent would expect to hear, kids luring kids, deep into what sounds like a world of phone sex. Now, FCC regulations prevent us [KSLA] from airing the calls, but one message from a young girl says, "I'm 18 and I'm really horny and I'm looking for hot, horny girls." Another message says, "I'm gay and I'm looking for a guy 14 -23."

Another Ark-La-Tex mother, of four, Crystal Vosbury was also listening and watching the music video and said, "I think she said she was bi-sexual and she was 13 or 14."

It can be considered a dose of sex education years ahead of schedule. One kid caller even left her phone number for anyone to call back.

"This is easy for pedophiles to get onto as well, to get child information. It's very scary," said Vosbury.

Downright dirty hookups from a teenage pop song and a singer recently featured on a Justin Bieber hit song.

"Where are her parents? Who produced the song for her?" Pace and Vosbury both asked. Island Def Jam is the record label. Mid August, KSLA's Doug Warner left a message at their New York offices and has yet to hear back from the label.

When asked, how would she [Vosbury] bring up questions about Jarrell or her song, Vosbury said, "I will ask them point blank, have you heard of Jessica Jarrell? What have you heard about Jessica Jarrell?"

Now if children have fell victim to anyone on the chat line, concerns are certainly anything but a laughing matter.

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