New jobs coming to Mansfield

By Tracy Clemons

SHREVEPORT, La (KSLA)- Gov.. Bobby Jindal stopped in northwest Louisiana today to talk new jobs. Hundreds are coming to Mansfield thanks to CQMS Razer, an Australian company that took over the old Hendrix building. CQMS Razer kept many of those old workers and are bringing in the new ones to help expand the product line that is produced in that facility.

"When we bought the business, we had 84 employees. We've not got over 100 employees, and we expect over the next five years or so to drive that to over 230 jobs," says CQMS' Max Voigt.

Gov.. Jindal says this will indirectly create another more than 400 jobs.

"This is one more step forward to keeping our children in Louisiana. One more example of how we're outperforming the southern and national economies."

The workers we talked to say things are different now.

"It's a little bit better, cause Hendrix, they were doing stuff the old ways," says Robert Atkins.

"It makes you feel better knowing you got some people that's willing to put some money into it," Marcus Pitts says.

Pitts has worked in this building for nearly two years. When operations stopped for a bit, he says he did a little bit of everything-"I chilled at the house, did some work for my pastor, working for my church, drove a taxi."

Now back at work, with new owners, Pitts and his co-worker Robert Atkins say things are looking up.

Pitts says he's blessed.

"One time we had to go look for another job, but this company came by, and I think it's going to work out pretty good

Gov. Jindal says CQMS' decision to come to Mansfield speaks well of Louisiana.

What this shows is we can compete with anybody in the country...anybody in the world. This is an Australian company. They're going to make."

Jindal adds that this expansion will create $11 million in state tax revenues, and more than $7 million in local tax revenues through just the first 10 years.