Dr. Sipes utilizes the VitalKey technology as an additional step in protecting his patients from medical errors. 

Your medical records... In your pocket

What is VitalKey?

More Americans die each year from medical errors than from breast cancer, colon cancer, and car accidents – COMBINED.

The easiest way for you to protect yourself and your family from many of these errors is to ensure that any doctors who treat you have the accurate, current information they need – when they need it – about your medical history.

This is why doctors invented the VitalKey, a medical record management service that gives you your own up-to-date digital copy of your actual medical records to carry on your keychain wherever you go.

Why VitalKey?

Crazy surgical mistakes make headlines. But you rarely hear of the common but less sensational errors that kill or injure millions every year. Last year, more Americans died from medical errors than were killed in the Vietnam War. Many of these errors could have been prevented if doctors only had the information they needed about the patients they were treating.

The U.S. Agency for Healthcare & Research Quality advises that the "The single most important way you can help to prevent errors is to be an active member of your health care team ."

This is precisely why doctors created the VitalKey. We live in a high-tech world, yet some 80% of medical records are kept on paper charts – locked away on shelves.

As your doctor will tell you, even electronic records are not easily shared between medical providers. The shuffling of medical information causes mistakes to be made and can even cause your information to be lost.

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