AR lawman doubts AZ escapee McCluskey confession

GENTRY, Ark. (AP) - Benton County sheriff's investigator Doug Gay says he doubts captured Arizona fugitive John McCluskey's claim that he robbed a Gentry beauty salon.

McCluskey and girlfriend Casslyn Welch surrendered Friday at a campsite near St. Johns in eastern Arizona, three weeks after authorities said Welch helped McCluskey and two other inmates escape from a medium-security prison in Kingman, Ariz.

On Aug. 11, law enforcement authorities swarmed Gentry, believing that a man and woman who robbed a beauty salon there might have been McCluskey and Welch. Some members of Welch's family live nearby.

But Gay says the woman who runs the salon couldn't identify McCluskey and Welch as the robbers from pictures she was shown. And Gay also said the victim said the man was wearing a short-sleeved shirt, and she saw no tattoos or other markings, while McCluskey is heavily tattooed.

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