Woman files suit against city and Shreveport Police Officer

Update: The woman who claims Shreveport Police Officer Gerald Mckinney, beat her up while trying to arrest her back in August, has filed suit against Mckinney as well as the city of Shreveport. 56 year old Ola Mae Kelly's Attorney tells us that the lawsuit was filed in the city but it has since moved to federal court. Kelly's Attorney also tells us that Mckinney as well as the city of Shreveport is named in the suit. We will keep you updated on this lawsuit here at KSLA.com and stay tuned-in to KSLA News 12 for the latest as well.

By Tracy Clemons

SHREVEPORT, La (KSLA)- The woman who claims a Shreveport police officer beat her up Monday afternoon August 16th, tells KSLA News 12 that it happened while he was arresting her at Fairfield and E. 75th St.

"I was just thinking will someone please get this man off me," says Ola Mae Kelly.

"The officer jumps out of the car and begins yelling at her, telling her that she's in the street...she needs to get out of the street," her attorney says.

Carlos Prudhomme says the officer yelled for her to put her hands on the car.

"I was trying to find out why he was arresting me. I kept on asking why," says Kelly.

She claims the officer told her to spread her legs, put his hands into the waste band of her pants, and then threatened to throw her down.

"Then he throws her to the ground, and strikes her at least three times in the face," Prudhomme adds.

Kelly was arrested, and charged with resisting an officer, and walking in the street when a sidewalk is present.

"I apologized for that. I was walking in the street, and I was getting over to the sidewalk when he stopped me."

"I don't think it warranted the police officer hitting her and throwing her to the ground. Even if she were walking in the street, I think that's a bit excessive," adds her attorney.

We asked Chief Willie Shaw about this case Thursday.

"I hold these officers to a high esteem. I expect them to be professional at what they do. And we don't want to put the cart before the horse. There's always due process involved in any kind of allegation."

Ola Mae Kelly and Carlos Prudhomme say they want this officer, who they're calling "one of the few bad apples," off the street.

Chief Shaw says he will decide at the end of the investigation what actions need to be taken against Officer McKinney, if any.

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