Allegations of police misconduct in Shreveport

By Tracy Clemons

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA)- There are allegations of police misconduct in Shreveport stemming from an incident Tuesday night when police shot into a yard while searching for a suspect in an unrelated crime. Family members claim a 13-year-old was coming into the yard right when the shots were fired.

"My baby son was trying to get the dog, and in the midst of trying to get the dog, we heard the gunshots---pop pop---then all the police were pulling guns on us and shining lights and guns in our face telling us to put our hands up," says Carey McCall Sr.

He claims police shot at the family dog with his son standing near. Officers were responding to an assault and battery call from across the street. The victim in that alleged assault told police the suspect was at a nearby house.

"As the officers went to that residence in an attempt to contact the suspect, one of the officers was apparently charged by a dog, at which time he fired two shots," says SPD Public Information Officer Sgt. Bill Goodin.

Carey McCall Jr. says there's no way the dog tried to attack the officer.

"She's a Friendly dog. Lovely dog. No it did not try to attack anybody. My little brother plays with her. My daughter plays with the dog."

Shreveport police offer a very different account from the McCalls of what happened Tuesday.

"There's nothing in the reports that would indicate that the officer who fired the shots observed any kind of child or other person near the animal," Goodin says

But Carey McCall Sr. wonders what would have happened if the bullet had hit his son. And he says he worries about the message instances like this alleged one send.

"How are we gonna tell our kids to respect the police when the police are acting like that?"

As of Thursday afternoon, Shreveport Police tell KSLA News 12 that the family had not filed a formal complaint.

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