Woman wrecks on I-20 while having medical condition

GREENWOOD, LA (KSLA) – A driver traveling on Interstate-20 wrecked while having a medical condition.

The Police Chief of Greenwood was responding to a "careless driver" call.

He was following the car in the westbound lanes I-20, when it exited by the weigh station at the Louisiana state line.

The car was doing 35 mph when the car hit a pole. They found out that the driver was having some kind of medical condition at the time of the crash.

She was driving a Chevy Camero that she just purchased two weeks ago.

There was also an unrestrained 17 month-old baby in the car. The baby was transported to a local hospital with minor cuts and scrapes, but nothing major.

The wreck is under investigation at this time. No citation has been issued.

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