Baby sitter accused of raping four kids

By Fred Childers – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – "I guess the opportunity was there, and the suspect took the opportunity they were all relatives, babysitting," said Caddo Detective Jackie Winston.

She's referring to her investigation into an alleged rape, where she says a sixteen year old boy engaged in oral sex with four victims, one as young as 4.

She says the victims trusted their abuser.

"I mean it's a family place where they go to have fun," said Winston.

So, in the quest to find a babysitter the question becomes, if you can't trust a relative with your kids, who can you trust?

"I would look maybe at my church, ask church member at church maybe a young lady in college that's looking for money just to buy make-up or little personal things to get her through college," said Winston.

But you still never really know. So here are some things to do when looking for a babysitter.

- Conduct a personal interview.

- Watch how they interact with your children.

- Ask for lots of references, and check them.

- And talk to your kids once you've hired one.

"Communication is the key," said Winston.

Ask your children if they want the babysitter to come back. And after the babysitter has left, ask your kids direct questions.

"Regardless of who it is, once they return home, 'how was your day? What happened? What's going on? Do you like Jackie? What did y'all do?'" says Winston.

A lot of parents wonder about the option of nanny cams, and they are certainly getting more popular.

They can be helpful, and they are legal. But be careful about recording speech without the babysitter knowing it. In Louisiana it's illegal to do that.

Surveillance video in your home is legal in all fifty states.

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