Sheriff: Seems like there is a presence of evil.

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SHREVEPORT, LA  (KSLA) –  A 911 call Monday night would bring deputies to the 9500 block of Keatchie Marshall road in Caddo Parish, they would discover a shot up car containing the lifeless bodies of 20 year old Jerimiah Adams, 18 year old Jarquis Adams, and 13 year old Jean Adams.

The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office says 33 year old Marcus Reed knew the brothers, and shot and killed all three of them Monday night in the driveway of his girlfriend's home.

The news of their deaths shocked family members, in how they were killed, and the reason they were killed.

"It was something you might see on a very violent tv show," said Caddo Parish Sheriff, Steve Prator.

Investigators say Reed mistakenly thought that the brothers were responsible for stealing a video game system and burglarized his girlfriend's home.

And for that investigators say Reed, armed with an SKS assault style rifle - waited in the woods, and when the Adams pulled up in the driveway, investigators say that's when Reed opened fire.

When asked if there's any indication that the brothers were set up or brought to the home under false pretenses Prator responded  well, that has not been determined yet.

Prator says six detectives have been working on the case since 10 O clock Monday night.

The coroner's office still has a lot of work to do on the case according to Prator.

Coroner, Dr. Todd Thoma says all three victims died from multiple gunshot wounds.

The youngest of the victims is thirteen year old Jean Adams, a Youree Drive Middle School student.

"We have already activated our counseling team and counselors will be at two locations tomorrow (Wednesday), said Roy Murry, head of Caddo School security.

The tough task ahead for those counselors will most likely be explaining why someone, according to sheriff's deputies, thought a video game was worth the lives of three brothers.     

The home was said to be burglarized, but the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office says there is no evidence that suggests the Adams brothers were involved.

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