SWEPCO explains why power lines caused accident

By Adria Goins – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) – Dozens of drivers narrowly avoided what could have been a tragic accident after live power lines fell across a busy west Shreveport interstate.  This happened not once, but twice.

Power line polls fell just off the Jefferson Paige Road exit off Interstate 220, east of the interchange with Interstate 20.  KSLA News 12 spoke with a young man who was stranded for hours on the interstate after his car was hit by power lines. He was not hurt in the incident but he was lucky. The power lines became entwined with his vehicle and, somehow, he managed to walk away.

Sean Montano was headed to a friend's house Saturday night when he ran into trouble on the road.

"Cars were braking on the bridge and I didn't know what was happening so I started slowing down," said Montano. "I didn't see the power lines and the next thing you know my hood gets shoved up and my car's thrown back. All my stuff started flying forward."

The power lines sliced through his hood and pinned his car to the road. At first Montano did not realize that he just ran into thousands of volts of electricity.

"I threw my car into park, opened the door, grabbed my cell phone, climbed under power lines, and called my parents."

SWEPCO said the reason the poles toppled into the road was because they were worn out and old. And they said they planned to help pay for some of the damages to the cars during the incident.

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