Baby dies after father forgets her in car

Bentonville, AR (KSLA) - Police are investigating the death of a 14-month-old baby after her father forgot her in the car with the doors locked through the morning hours. It happened on Friday in Bentonville, AR.

Police say the father was on his way to work and forgot to drop off the baby at her day care. The mother later on contacted the father after Mary's Little Lamb Daycare called her reporting her daughter absent.

Then around 12:30 PM, the father brought the child across the street to Mary's Little Lamb Day Care. The owner of the daycare says the father was probably in a hurry and just forgot to drop off the baby at the daycare before work. She believes he left her in the car by accident but with 99 degree temperatures, closer to 140 degrees inside the car, the baby didn't really have a chance.

The daycare owner called 911 immediately and the child was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Bentonville Police say it's too early to say if the father will face any charges.

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