Local Muslims react to 9-11 Mosque controversy

Shreveport, LA(KSLA)- In the wake of the latest controversy dealing with the Muslim community, local Muslims say they don't feel like they are a target, like many in New York City have said they feel.  However, they do think in general many people have misunderstood their faith.

There are about 3,000 Muslims in the Greater Shreveport area. Many local Muslims participate in interfaith programs, getting to know Christians, Jews, and people who practice other religions. They believe that by interacting with people of other faiths they can build tolerance and understanding.

"I hope that anybody should think of any of his Muslim neighbors as a beautiful person, a peaceful person, and also try to deal with him and you'll find that in action," said Imam Sheikh Khaled.

Currently, local Muslims are observing Ramadan. It's a month long, and Muslims fast during the day from sunrise to sunset. Khaled said it's a time to worship God, practice compassion for those less fortunate, and connect with other Muslims.