Iran digs mass graves for US soldiers

IRAN (KSLA) - Iranian news agency Fars showed video on its website of what it said were mass graves dug for U.S. soldiers should they try to invade.

The shaky images show row after row of large trenches, in an unpopulated desert area.

The website said the Institute for Defending Values of the Holy War -- which publishes books and films about the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war -- had posted the video "to symbolically show Iran's readiness to bury invaders of Iran's soil".

There was no indication of when the video was made.

The United States and Israel have both said they do not rule out a military strike on Iran to prevent it getting a nuclear weapon, something the Islamic Republic says it is not seeking.

Iranian officials have stepped up their own rhetoric, threatening to close the Gulf to shipping -- something which would have a huge impact on the global oil market -- and strike Israel if attacked.