S'port's MB Industries now up and running

SHREVEPORT, LA (AP) - After more than a year of wrangling with the City Council, a company that makes blast-resistant modular buildings has begun production in Shreveport.

President and chief executive officer Fred Gossen Jr. says MB Industries LLC of Rayne is in Shreveport to stay.

MBI pays $1,000 a month for the city-owned plant in return for job quotas.

The Times reports that welders were at work Thursday on two modular buildings, each about the size of a double-wide trailer.

Company staff say 49 employees have been hired and MBI plans to hire about 150 more.

MBI sued the city in 2008 to enforce a contract giving it the first rights on the building after the former tenant, BeairdCo, left.

The city threatened MBI with eviction in June because production had not started.

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