SFD Press Release: Civilian Cross to Steward/Warner Families

Press Release


Shreveport Fire Department

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chief Brain Crawford Issues Civilian Cross Award to Steward/Warner Families Shreveport, Louisiana—Today, for only the second time in 25 years, the Shreveport Fire Department Fire Chief has bestowed the Civilian Cross to a member of our community, as it is reserved only for those rare occasions where a civilian has risked their lives, in the face of overwhelming and deadly circumstances, to save the life of another. This act was displayed on August 2, 2010 by the Stewart and Warner children.   

Courage is defined as being afraid of something that is righteous and doing it anyway. Valor is the spirit that enables one to face danger or fear with confidence, resolution, and bravery.

The reason that DeKendrick Warner is alive today and because so many will go on and learn from their tragic loss, is because where there was fear, Litrelle's, Latevin's and LaDarius' courage prevailed, where there was hopelessness, Takeitha's, JaMarcus', and JaTavious' spirit ruled, and where there their was uncertainty, the love they shared for one another triumphed over all . . . to save . . . just one.      

For their unselfish bravery - Fire Chief Brian A. Crawford with great honor presented the Stewart and Warner children the highest civilian honor for valor, the Civilian Cross.