Man Who Pulled Teen Out of Pool Talks to KSLA.

By Tracy Clemons

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) -Immanuel Johnson pulled the 14 year old from the bottom of the swimming pool at the Fox Creek apartments.

"We heard her screaming 'Oh Lord, please Jesus help me, he's in the water, he can't breathe.'' When me and my wife heard 'can't breathe,' we just took off running," Johnson says.

Johnson jumped two fences to get into the pool.

"I kicked my shoes off, and just dove in. When I seen him, he was at the bottom directly in the middle of the nine foot water," he tells KSLA News 12.

He pulled him out and started CPR.  His wife, who is CPR certified, took over.  Johnson says it was just by chance that he was there-"I haven't been here in about two weeks, and something just said stop by and just chill here for a minute."

There's still no definite explanation of how the 14 year old ended up at the bottom of the pool.

"Depending on the accounts of different people, one said he was snorkeling. Somebody else said they saw him jump into the pool," says Sgt. Jason Shores of the Texarkana Police Department.

Immanuel Johnson says he was not looking to be a hero, but he's glad he was able to help.

"His dad just looked at me and was like 'thank you man. Thank you so much.'  He said 'my son lives because of you two.'"

Police say the teenager is still in critical condition.