The Struggle to Fight Violent Crime in Shreveport

Samuel Anderson's murder was the second one in Shreveport in the last week. During that same span, Frank Giounes was killed on east 74th Street, a United States postal worker was shot at the main post office on Marian and Woodward Avenue, and a man was shot in the leg while sleeping in his home on Acorn Street. We asked Sgt. Bill Goodin with the Shreveport Police Department how they can adjust their policing strategy in lieu of the rash of violent crime, and he says that comes with unique challenges.

"It's very difficult to predict when those violent encounters are going to occur. It's very difficult to predict when somebody is going to pick up a firearm, or a knife, or a baseball bat, for that matter, and resolve their conflicts in an inappropriate fashion," Goodin says.

He adds that the reason for that is because with most violent crimes, there is a relationship between the victim and the offender, and often an ongoing dispute.