Police Chief plans to increase patrols in Southwest Shreveport

By Brittany Pieper – email


The new Shreveport Police Chief, Willie Shaw, has had a busy first month on the job including an alleged kidnapping case, an officer involved shooting, and 6 homicides. One of the things Shaw said he wanted to do as chief is lower violent crime, but it seems to keep happening.

John Hines grew up on 74th street, and his mother still lives there. Wednesday night a homicide happened down the street from her house, and Hines says the crime bothers him.

"That makes me very, very nervous," he said.

Hines feels Shreveport Police need to step up their game in the area.

"They can do a better job," said Hines.

The Shreveport Police Department splits the city into 4 areas. Half of July's homicides, including Wednesday's, took place in area 4 in Southwest Shreveport. In the next few weeks SPD plans to start a new effort targeting that area, which includes the Cedar Grove Neighborhood.

"There will be members of narcotics involved. There will be members of traffic involved. There will be members of the mounted patrol involved, bike patrol, there'll be members of every area," said Chief Shaw.

Shaw says the best way to prevent violent crime is to stop it before it gets to that level.

"We know that drugs are leading to guns, and guns lead to violence. We have to address the drug issue," said Shaw.

By increasing patrols and looking at the cause of violent crime instead of responding to the effects he hopes to get long term results.

"There will be a very much increased presence. People will feel us out there. They will see us out there. They will know we're there," said Shaw.

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