Murder suspect confesses on tape

Major developments in murder for hire murder plot

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - KSLA News 12 was just sitting down for an interview with a former employee of murder suspect, Erick Crain,  when the phone rang. On the other line was Crain, himself. Employees of the Stonewall, La. auto shop and friends of Crain's answered the call on speakerphone and asked him what happened.

Crain eventually told his former coworkers that he killed the man when he went to rob the house. He said he didn't expect anyone to be home and shot the man out of fear.

Crain also said he was being paid to steal the man's farm truck by someone closer to the family. Workers at the auto shop called investigators to tell them what they learned from the phone call shortly after Crain hung up.

To hear parts of the phone call, click the video.