Historic Shreveport restaurant to close down

Shreveport, LA (KSLA) - The economical tough times along with competition have taken a toll on many business owners forcing many to shut down their businesses. And that's what happened to one historic business in Shreveport. The staple provider of what some call the best fried catfish in town will be no more after this weekend.

Crescent Landing Catfish located in the 7600 block of Pines Road in west Shreveport is closing its doors after 25 years of business. The decision to close weighs heavy on the hearts of the owner who said feels sorry that they have to leave but cited competition as being one of the reasons.

"The reality is that there is about 180 new restaurants in the Shreveport-Bossier area over the last five years and you combine that with the fact that the economy is winding down and it finally squeezed us to the point where we just couldn't keep going," said owner Chester T. Kelly.

The last day for Crescent Landing will be on Sunday, up until 9 pm, unless their supplies run out.

The restaurant's historic significance lies in the Wall of Fame tribute to the Frank Page, the man who introduced Elvis which will be getting a new home.

Stay with KSLA News 12 and KSLA.COM to find out where the new home of tribute will be.