UPDATE: Derailed cars do not contain explosive materials

Shreveport, LA (KSLA) – KSLA NEWS 12 has just learned that a Union Pacific spokesperson gave us incorrect information about the train derailment in downtown Shreveport Friday morning.  The cars do not contain anything potentially explosive or hazardous.  Raquel Espinoza of Union Pacific actually gave us information about a derailment in the Houston area which involved potentially hazardous materials.  The cars that derailed in Shreveport are actually carrying rock ballast, which is non-hazardous.

Four of the trains 28 cars derailed about 5:30am Friday morning inside the Union Pacific Rail yard.  Crews are working to clear the area and hope to have the situation resolved by 3pm Friday afternoon.

Union Pacific doesn't know why the derailment occurred, but continues to investigate. There were no injuries.

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