Tea Party fires back at NAACP

By Fred Childers – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) –  The NAACP takes a jab at the Tea Party - claiming racist behavior among it's members -and demanding the organization denounce it.

Members of the NAACP voted on and passed a resolution Tuesday making that claim.

Now Tea Party members across the country  - and right here in the Ark-La-Tex are firing back.

On Tuesday the NAACP double a cp took aim at the Tea Party, claiming rampant racism.

"We have no problem with the Tea Party, we have a problem with the Tea Party tolerating racism in it's ranks," said NAACP President, Todd Jealous.

" That's a very steep accusation when you bring up racism, and since I joined this group it's never been about racism," said Digiamberdine.

Digiamberdine says his group does not tolerate racism, and like him, many are saying it's no coincidence the resolution is being adopted just months away from the November elections.

"And yeah, I think it's very tactical, and it's unfair," said Digiamberdine.

The NAACP points to allegations that during a healthcare reform protest black legislators were spit on and members used racially charged words.

The Tea Party insists no evidence of that alleged incident has been produced.

"All we're calling on the tea party to do is to denounce those within the party that would advocate such racist behavior and such racist propaganda," said NAACP Member, Hilary Shelton.

The Red River Tea Party released this statement Wednesday: "When the NAACP  and the Obama administration have the courage to denounce the hatred spewed by the black panthers-who recommend killing white babies-they will have a legitimate voice in denouncing racism."

The Tea Party, by it's own insistence lacks a national cohesiveness, it's values remain for the most part, unwritten.

The NAACP says its resolution will not become official until approved by its national board of directors in October.

It's reported the organization is planning an anti-tea party march on Washington this fall.