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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) – The dog days of summer have arrived.  Temperatures are expected to soar well into the upper 90's and possibly even lower 100's through Sunday. The National Weather Service has place the entire Ark-La-Tex under a heat advisory through Thursday night.  In this weather it is best to weather light colored clothing. Darker clothes can attract more heat.   If you have to be outdoors try to take as many breaks as possible.  Listen to your body if something feels wrong.

Staying out in this heat for too long can have serious health side effects. Take a look at this Stormtracker 12 graphic that lists the Heat Dangers.  Staying out in this heat for too long can cause heat exhaustion.  Symptoms range from heavy sweating, muscle cramps, headaches to nausea.   If any of that happens you need to cool immediately by going into an air conditioned room and getting hydrated by drinking cool water.  Not watching out for these symptoms can take heat  exhaustion to the next dangerous level: A heat stroke.  Those signs are: dizziness, skin is hot to the touch, no sweating and unconsciousness.  A heat stroke can lead to brain damage due to the brain overheating and in some cases death.

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