Gulf Coast Restoration

Mignon Faget  has selected and redesigned pieces from her earlier collections inspired by the Gulf Coast wildlife currently threatened.  She calls the collection "In Mourning," This collection is designed to be worn in the tradition of mourning jewelry.  Redfish, speckled trout, oysters and pelicans are presented as pins backed with black ribbons, or worn as pendants on black cords.  An oyster necklace is oxidized to an oil-stained silver, a large oyster hangs from black and brown ribbons. Sterling crabs and shrimp charms dangle from an oxidized black chain bracelet reminiscent of the chains found on oil rigs.  A large tuna or tarpon brooch is suggested to be worn "belly up." "It is a heartbreaking statement to make with jewelry originally designed to celebrate the abundant gifts of our coast." say Faget, "but reality is that we need to make people aware of this disaster and the long-term effects on this region.  We all need to do what we can."

The Gulf Coast collection benefits the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana   (to learn more visit CRCL represents a unique mix of businesses, local governments, industries, scientific communities, national and local conservation organization groups, hunters, anglers and a broad spectrum of concerned cittizens who all share a common commitment to the sustainability of coastal La. The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana is coordinating volunteers to assist in local, state and federal recovery efforts in Louisiana.

Mignon Faget's Gulf Stream glassware will also be sold to benefit the CRCL.