2 teens in Texarkana accused of drive-by shootings

TEXARKANA, AR (KSLA) – Two Texarkana teens are in jail accused of two drive-by shootings. They're both charged with six counts of terroristic acts and one count of criminal burglary.

Eighteen year-old Patrick West and a 17 year-old juvenile were taken into custody Tuesday morning following a string of drive by shootings.

"After a preliminary investigation, it appears they are related," says Cpl. Kittiele Stewart with Texarkana Arkansas Police.

The shootings happened at an apartment complex as well as a private residence in Texarkana.

Police say people were outside the complex when a car with two people inside drove by firing, hitting the front door of an apartment and damaging a car in front of the building.

Next, police say they shot at a home, kicked in the front door and took off.

"Witnesses were able to give detail descriptions of the suspects and their car, and officers were able to track the suspect over to Broadway Apartments where officers responded and located the suspects," says Cpl. Stewart.

The two suspects were inside an apartment when officers caught up with them. 
Police say they found a rifle and  a handgun inside.

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