Glover selects Willie Shaw Jr. as Shreveport Police Chief

Shreveport, LA (KSLA) - The City of Shreveport has a new police chief in place. Mayor Cedric Glover selected Sgt. Willie Shaw Jr. as the new Shreveport Police Chief.  Glover made the announcement on Friday at 5:00 pm at the Government Plaza.

Sgt. Willie Shaw Jr. has been on the Shreveport Police Department workforce for the past twenty years. He started out in 1990 as a patrol officer, and since then, performed different policing duties such as homicide investigation, and worked in different law enforcement departments such as Internal Affairs, Police Academy Administration and Research and Planning.

Glover thanked the fourteen individuals who put themselves for consideration to become the next Police Chief of the City of Shreveport. Glover had the opportunity to interview 11 out of the 14 eligible applicants.

"There is no harder task than being the mayor of a city than trying to select the individual who is responsible for leading and handling one of the most difficult jobs that there is in the government,  and that is for directing and leading the law enforcement forces of the city," said Mayor Glover.

Glover said that the choice he made as "not an easy one," but came after a careful consideration of all of the highly qualified individuals who came forth and applied.

Glover was impressed with Sgt. Shaw three years ago and has seen the wide range of experience Shaw had gained being on the police force and how it has contributed to his growth. He noted the amount of committed Shaw has shown throughout the years and how he managed to stay connected to the operations of the Shreveport Police Department. During the interview process, Sgt. He added that Shaw manifested his abilities through his traits, talents, experience and abilities.

Sgt. Shaw stated that working with the Shreveport Police Department has taught him many lessons, but the lesson he has learned from the day he was appointed as Police Chief is that "hard work has paid off" and that "dedication does pay off."

He said that the Shreveport Police Department will continue to be committed to reducing the crime numbers, and continue the community policing process. Sgt. Shaw described his new approach to policing the city: faster paced with consistency.

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