Gulf Coast keeps an eye on Tropical Storm "Alex"

UNDATED (KSLA)- The hurricane season has already started, and many are keeping an eye on the first tropical storm of the 2010 hurricane season which has officially formed: Tropical Storm Alex.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Alex is on its course to becoming a category one hurricane before making landfall about 75 miles north of Tampico, Mexico.

Alex has currently maintained maximum sustained winds of 45 mph but the wind speed could pick up.

At this present time, Alex is not predicted to pass over the massive oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico, but it is always a possibility that its path could change. The whole situation then begs the question: How is Alex going to affect the oil spill in the Gulf if it were to change its path?

Officials in Louisiana have already started speculating that if that was to happen, oil recovery efforts would shut down for many days.

"At some point there may have to be a decision taken in the best interest of the safety of our personnel and the safety of the well site," said National Incident Commander Thad Allen.

Allen added that it would take five days to prepare for the storm, and efforts to recover oil would be disrupted for two weeks if it hits. He also noted that there is no "playbook" for how to deal with the bad weather during an oil spill like this, since this will be the first time it has ever happened.