Christus Schumpert recognized for promoting breastfeeding

Shreveport, LA (KSLA) - It is no secret that the breastfeeding benefits to an infant are just invaluable. Many studies that were done about the importance of breastfeeding have unveiled many health advantages that a mother's milk may provide her baby with.

On a local venue, the Louisiana Maternal and Health Coalition has awarded Christus Schumpert the "Above and Beyond the Gift" award. The hospital was recognized for the efforts it has put forth that encourage mothers to breast feed their babies.  Christus Schumpert recently removed formula bottles from their maternity gift bags to assert the idea that breastfeeding is healthier than baby formula milk.

"We at Christus decided to be so bold as to say you know, we're not going to help them market their products, especially when it's not in the best interest of our infants," said Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dee Barfield.

Breast milk provides infants with a stronger immune system and lessens their chances of developing diseases such as juvenile diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders and cancer during their adolescent years. In addition, the benefits to the mother are many such as reducing the likelihood of developing osteoporosis, breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. It also promotes losing pregnancy weight.