SWEPCO: No energy conservation fears yet

Ark-La-Tex (KSLA) - The recent heat wave that took over this region for the past few weeks was not only an early start for the summer, but also an early financial burden for many people's pockets.

Since May 1st, the highs in the Ark-La-Tex have hit 90 degrees  forty times and the heat index even reached 110 in some areas in a heat wave that started three weeks earlier than a similar one in 2009.

The heat wave has left many people soaking up energy by running their ACs. As a result of that, many people are racking up higher energy bills. Unfortunately, that as well could put a strain on many power plants and their capacity to provide all their customers with their energy needs.

Local area residents have had some fears because of the situation that SWEPCO faced last year in July.

"Due to the circumstances with the power plants and not having stall we could have gone back to the same situation we faced last mid July when we actually asked our customers to conserve power for three days," said SWEPCO spokesman Scott McCloud.

Many customer consider it a good thing that SWEPCO's new power plant is online

McCloud assures customers that at this time being, the company has enough energy to handle the heat, but, he noted that if highs reach 100 degrees or more for four consecutive days, SWEPCO may have to ask for residents to conserve on their energy use.