Town in MA ok's giving out condoms to elementary students

Provincetown, MA (KSLA) - Sexual education classes have become part of many public schools' curriculums around the nation. The purpose of these classes is to spread awareness and teach adolescents how to stay safe if they decide to become sexually active. Many of those children who hit puberty range in age from late elementary to middle school.

In Provincetown in Massachusetts, a new policy that will go into effect at the beginning of this school year has stirred up a bit of heat. The policy, voted on by the local school board, approved handing out free condoms to all students including elementary students without parental consent. The new policy has drawn a public uproar and enraged many parents. That issue also became the highlight of many national news outlets.

Some educators and parents though have a different take on matters. Some believe that kids nowadays are becoming sexually active at an earlier age and some kids are afraid to speak to their parents about their sexual behaviors. Bottom line is that some prefer that these kids at least stay safe if they were going to engage in any type of sexual activity.

Other parents, on the other hand, have launched a public outcry as they believe the whole policy is nothing but a way to solicit promiscuous behavior amongst these elementary children who are regarded as sweet and innocent.

According to Peter Grosso, the school board chairman, there is no set age when sexual activity starts, so all kids who ask for them can "have" them. But schools in the town of Provincetown won't give out condoms to the students unless they ask for them and after they get to speak to a school counselor.

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