14 interviewing for SPD Chief's job

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) –  Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover is interviewing 14 applicants for police chief, hoping to appoint a new chief by July 2.

14 people applied after Chief Henry Whitehorn was nominated for U.S. Marshal.

Only two applicants - Lake Charles Police Sgt. Mark A. Kraus and Bossier City Police Sgt. Larry Hawkins - are from outside the department.

Others have been in the department 14 to 30 years.  They include Assistant Chief Wayne Smith of the Support Division, with 30 years' experience, and Ronald D. Huddleston, an assistant to the chief with 20 years service.

Here is the complete list of internal applicants, as provided by the Shreveport Police Department:

Assistant to the Chief Ronald D. Huddleston, Assistant to the Chief, August 1980

Cpl. Michael Carter*, Investigations Division, March 1996

Assistant Chief Wayne Smith, Support Division, August 1980

Sgt. Willie Shaw, Administration Division, March 1990

Cpl. Patrick McConnell, Uniform Services Division, March 1996

Capt. David E. McDaniels, Uniform Services Division, October 1981

Sgt. James Taliaferro, Investigations Division, August 1990

Cpl. Kevin Strickland, Uniform Services Division, August 1995

Sgt. Greg Jones, Administration Division, April 1992

Cpl. Rodney Demery, Investigations Division, August 1999

Capt. William Nelson, Support Division, February 1982

Sgt. Tedris Smith, Investigations Division, July 1993

*Cpl. Carter has indicated he is not interested in the position.  However, his name remains on the list because he took the Civil Service exam. Once certified by the Board, the list cannot be changed.

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