Louisiana Legislators put six amendments on ballot

SHREVEPORT, STATE (KSLA) –State lawmakers approved 6 constitutional amendments to go on the November ballot.

Voters will vote on these amendments:

-Requires a 2/3 vote to enact changes to a public retirement system provisions having an actual cost. (HB 229)

-Exempts property owned by certain disabled veterans and spouses from ad valorem property tax. (HB 246)

-Provides relative to the sale of expropriated property. (HB 276)

-Extends the time in which the owner of a homestead must reoccupy the homestead in order to retain the exemption or special assessment level. (SB 21/HB 325)

-Except in capital cases, a defendant may waive his right to a trial by jury but no later than 45 days prior to the trial date and the waiver is irrevocable. (HB 940)

-Requires reargument before a five judge panel prior to reversal or modification of judgements rendered by office of workers' compensation when one judge of the original 3-judge panel dissents (SB42).

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