U.S. Senate confirms S'port Police Chief to U.S. Western Dist.

BREAKING NEWS: Shreveport Police Chief Henry Whitehorn has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate to become the next U.S. Marshal for the Western District.

Below is a statement issued by Chief Whitehorn:

First and foremost I want to say, with pride, it has been my distinct honor and privilege to have had this unique opportunity to serve the citizens of Shreveport as their police chief. The Shreveport Police Department is a world class law enforcement agency and the people of our city are fortunate to have such dedicated police officers, jailers, police communications officers and civilian employees serving and protecting them.

The department has seen many positive changes during the past three years – we have seen the number of officers employed increase to record levels, we have successfully implemented Operation T-Bone, debuted the Community Response Unit, and, more importantly, we have watched crime numbers drop to lows not seen in over 30 years. With that being said, I would be remiss if I did not attribute these accolades to a team effort. All of these accomplishments would not have been possible without the support of the Honorable Mayor Cedric B. Glover and our Shreveport City Council. All of these accomplishments would not have been possible without the men and women on the streets serving proudly everyday, working to make Shreveport a safer place to live. All of these accomplishments would not have been possible without the citizens of Shreveport stepping up and refusing to tolerate criminal activity in their neighborhoods. These collaborative efforts are what drive our successes. I have also tried my absolute best – in matters big and small – to enhance the level of trust and credibility for this world class agency.

Speaking of changes, however, I will now be entering a new phase in my law enforcement career. For many years it has been a dream of mine to one day serve as the United States Marshal for the Western District of Louisiana and I now look forward to the challenges that will come with that position.  As the United States Marshal for the Western District, I will remain firmly focused on serving the citizens of Louisiana.

I would like to thank Mayor Glover and the Shreveport City Council for placing their trust in me and giving me the opportunity to serve as chief. I would like to thank the employees of the Shreveport Police Department for their support and dedication.  I have enjoyed my tenure at the Shreveport Police Department tremendously and it has been an honor to work side by side with the men and women who make up this fine organization.

I have been blessed to serve as chief, and blessed to serve with remarkable people. Thank you all for that opportunity.

Chief of Police Henry L. Whitehorn, Sr.