CSO arrest woman for alleged credit card theft

CADDO PARISH, LA (KSLA) –The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office arrested an attendant at a local fast food restaurant for alleged theft.

21-year-old Lakisha Hawkins was arrested by deputies after learning that she had used prepaid VISA cards to purchase gift cards for food from the restaurant where she reportedly worked.

Deputies say that the VISA cards had no value at the time and that she reportedly overrode the restaurant's computer system to get approval.

The restaurant has reportedly so far received charge backs totaling $1530 from the prepaid VISA Company, according to deputies.

Caddo deputies say that Hawkins alleges that she sold many of the $50 gift cards for $20. Others she alleges to have given away to family and friends.

Hawkins now faces a charge of felony theft.

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