Desoto Parish faces water crisis

Desoto Parish, LA (KSLA)- As the boiling temperatures continue, some residents in North West Louisiana are finding out they have to conserve water for the next 3 months. To add to the water problems, the South Desoto Water System also issued a boil water notice.

The South Desoto Water System Board is asking customers not to use water for anything that is not absolutely necessary. They don't want anyone there to wash their car, fill their pool, or water lawns and gardens, and it has some residents very upset.

Madeline Muench has 2 acres filled with plants. Her flowers are her pride and joy, but before long most of them will probably die. "Wilt and just fold over and die right in front of you," said Muench. Hers is one of nearly 300 homes who have to scale back on their water usage during the hot summer months.

"It's very inconvenient and it's heartbreaking to see our gardens go," said Muench.

A holding tank for the South Desoto Water System has a hole in it. The system typically pumps out 25,000 gallons a day, but now it can't even hold 20,000. The water board thinks it will be at least 3 months before they can get a new tank installed, and they say in the meantime the area could completely run out of water.

"If you don't do your part your neighbor is going to be out of water, and so are you," said Board Chairman Calvin Murray.

Murray realizes it's an inconvenience, but things could get worse. If people don't start using less, they'll have to shut off the water completely for most of the day.

"Turn the water on in the morning. Let people get ready to go to work. After about 9 a.m. turn it off. Turn it back on about 5 p.m. and leave it on until about 8 p.m. Turn it off," said Murray.

Residents say they've already had to wait hours sometimes for water to take a bath or cook.