Jindal to repeal driver's licence fee increase

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Gov. Bobby Jindal has agreed to repeal a $15 increase in the price of a Louisiana driver's license.

Jindal signed the bill into law Friday, succumbing to legislators who overwhelmingly backed the repeal despite opposition from the administration.

A new or renewed basic license will return to $21.50. The governor had wanted $14 million to be raised by the license hike annually to help cover costs for state police. Senators reworked the budget bill to fill the gap caused by removing the license hike, and then Jindal signed the repeal bill.

Lawmakers were surprised when the Jindal administration ordered the increase, and many said they should have to approve any price hike.

The bill by Woodworth Sen. Joe McPherson strips the authority used to raise the price and refund money to anyone who has paid the increase since it began March 8.

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