Mayor Glover calls on S'port airport director reinstatement

Shreveport, LA (KSLA) – A public meeting was held after a request made by Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover to the airport authority discussed reinstating former Shreveport Regional Airport Director Roy Miller to the job he held for twenty one years.

The board voted favorable to reinstate the 21-year veteran airport director.

Miller, was fired on June 11th by acting Mayor Councilwoman Joyce Bowman who claimed she was unsatisfied with the many problems that were facing the airport and felt that Miller "was not taking the airport into the direction it should be going."

Mayor Glover was out of town attending an out of state mayor's conference when the firing occurred. Glover cited that he did not know of Bowman's intention yet did not object to her decision.

Glover cited many problems that the airport has been facing over the last few years. He did make a note though that Miller has served the airport for twenty one years with great dedication by put forth a lot of effort in improving it, and had made significant accomplishments. He said that he would have never dismissed that level and quality of service with a simple letter informing him that he has been fired and his services were no longer needed, even if he had disagreed with him on many things in the past.

Glover hoped that, within a year or two, that the airport would be able to make significant improvements in many aspects such as adding a new low cost carrier that would eventually result in lower airfares. He also hopes that the airport would retain more jobs.

The decision now turns to the city council before he is officially reinstated.