City looks for money to pay for RR underpass

By Fred Childers – bio|email

SHREVEPORT LA (KSLA) –  In recent weeks, residents convinced the city to stop in it's tracks, the process of closing crossings at Mansfield, and Wyngate.

So now a committee of city leaders is looking for ways to pay for a proposed underpass for the railroad crossing at Wyngate.

"We thought maybe sales tax would generate more, but those numbers have not come in," said City Council Chairwoman, Joyce Bowman.

Several options are on the table.

"We will not go into operating reserves, we will not go into general fund to try and do this," said Bowman.

So far, the committee has come up with a fraction of what's needed, 1.2 million dollars from the general obligation bonds, a project fund.

"It's interest money, the projects have already been completed," said Bowman.

There's another source that's not as popular among city council members - it's for streets.

"I'm not going to vote to use that money for an overpass," said City Council Member, Monty Walford.

One of the proposals is to use money that's been set aside to repair these concrete streets, but one city council members says for reasons like this, they should keep their hands out of those dedicated funds.

"I've got almost five million dollars worth of needs in my district and the Glover administration proposed using 36,000 dollars this year, this is unconscionable to have that much money sitting there," said Walford.

"You got bad streets all over the city," said Bowman. She agrees that people voted for that money to be used on streets, and that's what they should be used for.

Next Tuesday, city council members are expected to vote on which funds if any should be used to build the underpass.

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