Flash flood update: fewer feared dead

LANGLEY, Ark. (AP) - Crews are continuing the search for bodies in the piles of debris that were collected after a flash flood swept through an Arkansas campground.

Police had initially feared that dozens of people may be missing in the aftermath of the flood that killed at least 18 people. But they now say there are just three missing campers, and that the rest of the people are not believed to have been in the area.

Crews have already searched most of the 20-mile area down river form the campground. They're focusing their search today on clearing the many tangled piles of debris that collected along the Little Missouri River.

Temperatures in the area today are expected to come close to 100 degrees.

Sixteen of the 18 people killed in flash floods along the Little Missouri River have been identified as residents of Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. A half-dozen of the victims were children. Those killed include:

Kinsley Basinger, 6, Gloster, La.

Shane Basinger, 34, Gloster, La.

Julie Freeman, 53, Texarkana, Texas

Leslie Jez, 23, Foreman, Ark.

Gayble Y. Moss, 7, Texarkana, Texas

Bruce Roeder, 51, Luling, La.

Debbie Roeder, 52, Luling, La.

Kay Roeder, 69, Luling, La.

Eric Sultz, 38, Nash, Texas

Nic Shumake, 7, DeKalb, Texas

Robert "Lynn" Shumake, 68, DeKalb, Texas

Anthony Smith, 30, Gloster, La.

Joey Smith, 5, Gloster, La.

Katelynn Smith, 2, Gloster, La.

Kylee Sullivan, 6, Texarkana, Texas

Sherry Wade, 23, New Boston, Texas

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