S'port Airport Director Fired by Interim Mayor

By Adria Goins – bio|email

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) – Shreveport's Director of Airports is out of a job after he was fired Friday evening. Roy Miller packed up his office after he was given his walking papers.

City councilwoman, Joyce Bowman, is filling in as interim mayor while Cedric Glover is out of town. Bowman said she had the power to fire Miller so she did and that she had a letter hand delivered that said Miller's services were no longer needed.

"There have been a lot of things that were leading up to this," said Bowman. "In my opinion the city needs to go in a different direction. The mayor had to appoint a task force that Mr. Miller should've had the foresight to do."

Bowman went on to say that some of the issues are because the airport needs lower fares and a better understanding of the airport's concerns.

She said she contacted Mayor Glover after she fired Miller and said she did not expect Glover to overturn her decision.

Deputy director, Charles McMillom, will fill in until Mayor Glover can find a replacement.

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