Escaped inmate from LSUMC captured

Shreveport, LA (KSLA) - A prisoner who escaped from LSU Medical Center on Friday morning has finally been captured.

Gavin Taylor, who is accused of armed robbery, aggravated kidnapping, and simple robbery, was found and captured at Ashton Pines Apartments in the 6000 block of West 70th Street. Taylor was allegedly hiding out in his girlfriend's apartment. A charge of simple escape has now been added the list of violent crimes on his criminal rap sheet.

Sheriff Steve Prator, who also joined the search team in their hunt for the escapee was glad to see the search end peacefully with no one getting hurt.

The circumstances surrounding the prisoner's escape are still under investigation. According to Caddo Sheriff's Office, the prisoner was transported to get medical treatment for a broken finger at the LSU Medical Center when he managed to escape from custody. He was escorted by a deputy and had been waiting for about 16 hours to get treatment. Sheriff Prator has taken action against the deputy assigned to the prisoner by placing him on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

It is not clear how the prisoner was able to escape away from the deputy assigned to him and get out of the hospital given that all prisoners are typically transported from prison to jail in full chains such as handcuffs, belly chains and leg irons. According to Prator, prisoners are supposed to be handcuffed to a post as well in such circumstances. Police said that when Taylor was found, his chains were cut and it is still unclear whether they were cut before or after he escaped.

Prator is disappointed that this incident occurred and that it is not representative of the Caddo Sheriff's Office.

"There is absolutely no excuse for inattentiveness with a felony prisoner" said Sheriff Prator.