Caddo-Shreveport Narcs arrest 30 on various charges

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) –Sheriff Steve Prator and Chief Henry Whitehorn announced Thursday that the Caddo-Shreveport Narcotics Task Force conducted an operation in Shreveport on Wednesday, June 2, 2010.

Shreveport Police report that officers conducted "Terry" stops, drug corner checks, and traffic stops in and around Shreveport. The operation reportedly netted nine felony arrest and 21 misdemeanor arrests.

Police say, approximately 1.5 grams of crack cocaine, 40.4 grams of marijuana, and 21 pills of Apidex, were seized as a result of this operation. Below are the arrests during this operation.

Location                               Arrestee                    Age            Charge             

200 E 68th Street               Geraldo Wise            30            Poss Sch I         

1842 Anna Street               Gavin Victor Jr          28            Poss Sch I         

1842 Anna Street               Coby Bonner             33            Poss Sch I 2nd   

4100 Robinhood                  Tony Conner             37            City warrants    

2800 Arkansas                    Charles Guiden         39            Poss Sch II

4200 Mansfield                    Colorado Owens      23            City warrants    

4200 Mansfield                    Michelle Collins        34             Poss Sch IV      

6300 Henderson                  Jerry Henderson       25            Poss Sch I         

7400 Thornhill                     Dardarrlyn White      21            Poss Sch I

7400 Fairfield                      Derrick Oneal            26            Poss Sch I 2nd    

123 Pierre                            Jermaine Robinson    24             Poss Sch I         

1800 Legardy                       Leroy Winn Jr            40             City warrants     

1800 Kelsey                         Johnny Brooks           30             Poss Sch I          

1676 David Raines               Melvin Hicks              24             Poss Sch

1676 David Raines               Laroderick Davis        20            City warrants

4302 North Market               Deondre Terrell          33            Poss Sch I 2nd     

4302 North Market               Roshaen Anderson     26            Poss Sch

4302 North Market               Marlon Blackshire       36            Poss Sch I          

6800 Union                            Demarcus Coleman    18            City warrant        

7600 Dowdell                        Ben Coleman               24            Poss Sch I 2nd    

7600 Dowdell                        Cody Jefferson            21            Poss Sch I 2nd    

9005 Walker                         Issac Powell                 22            Crim. Trespass  

9005 Walker Road                Anthony Bryant            17            Crim. Trespass  

9005 Walker Road               Jermarcus Furlow         17            Crim. Trespass  

2400 Lakeshore                    Willie Smith                  41            Felony warrant   

3143 Murphy College @ Exposition      Carlos Morris                      21            Sagging pants    

3800 Penick                           Michael Jackson           42            Drinking in park  

3800 Penick                           Lakendrick Prott           34            Poss Sch I/Fugitive  

1800 Looney                          Germany Mitchell          30            City warrants            

7700 Linwood                        Talben Pope                   21            City warrants            

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