Man accused of skimming credit card info

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) – Bossier City Police have arrested a man for allegedly stealing people's credit card information while he worked at a fast food restaurant. Twenty-one year old Sankeyno Rakeem Taylor is charged with 10 counts of theft. Investigators say Taylor used a skimming device over the past several weeks to steal credit card information from customers in the drive through lane at the McDonald's Express in the 1900 block of Airline Drive. The skimming device scans and stores information from a credit card's magnetic strip. The White Collar Crimes Division of Bossier City police began their investigation after the restaurant contacted police when credit card companies notified the restaurant that customer credit cards had fraudulent transactions. Detectives believe Taylor gave the credit card information to subjects in Texas in exchange for money. Investigators believe credit card information belonging to hundreds of people may have been compromised. If you have used your credit card at this location within the past several weeks, investigators advise you check your account and if you discover any fraudulent activity, contact White Collar Crimes detectives at (318) 741-8648.

Bossier City police advise you to always be vigilant and follow these suggestions:

  • View your statement carefully and immediately report discrepancies to your bank or credit card company.
  • If available, use the Internet to check your statement on a weekly basis, instead of monthly.
  • Sign up for fraud alerts with your credit card company.
  • Ask questions if you see your card is swiped more than once. It's not unusual to see this occur, but be sure to inquire as to the reason why. It's ok to be suspicious.

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