Shocking animal Cruelty

CLEVELAND, OH (KSLA) - Cops in Plain City, OH arrested Billy Joe Gregg Jr. Wednesday and charged him with 12 counts of animal cruelty.

The 25-year old Conklin Dairy Farm worker was one of the men shown viciously and maliciously abusing calves and cows in video, which was secretly taped over the past month.

National animal protection organization, Mercy For Animals, had a farm employee record the video.

Soon after the arrest, MFA released this statement:

"We commend the City Prosecutor and law enforcement for their swift and decisive action to protect farmed animals and the public by apprehending and charging Gregg," said Nathan Runkle, Executive Director of Mercy For Animals. "The deplorable conditions uncovered at Conklin Dairy Farms highlight the reality that animal agriculture is incapable of self-regulation and that meaningful federal and state laws must be implemented and strengthened to prevent egregious cruelty to farmed animals."

The group released the hidden camera video at a news conference Wednesday morning.

"This is probably the most shocking video I have seen in my 10 years of doing cruelty investigations," said Nathan Runkle, Mercy for Animals.

The video shows dairy farm workers beating cows in the face with crowbars, stabbing them with pitchforks, breaking their tails, and punching, throwing, and kicking calves.