Caddo Parish 8th grade LEAP scores improve

Following is a news release from Caddo Parish Schools on LEAP and GEE test results:


Scores reflect areas of improvement, needed focus

Shreveport, LA – Caddo Parish Public Schools received the Spring 2010 high-stakes LEAP (Louisiana Educational Assessment Program) and GEE (Graduate Exit Exam) results this morning. Fourth- and eighth- graders take the LEAP exam to determine their promotion to the next grade level. GEE subject tests are taken by high school students as a requirement for graduation.

Despite a downward trend statewide, Caddo's 8th graders showed improvements across the board while, similar to state results, 4th grade passage rates were slightly down. GEE results show an increase in the percentage of students passing in three out of four tested areas.

Responding to the test results, Superintendent Dr. Gerald Dawkins said, ¨DToday's results show us a mixed bag. We're proud to see improvements in some areas, but obviously more work needs to be done in others.¡¬ Dawkins added, ¨DThis was the first year for some of the reforms that have been put in place. We will use this data as a baseline for what we hope to accomplish, knowing that it often takes 2 to 3 years to begin to see real results in schools where significant change is required.¡¬

Highlights from today's scores release:

Promotion rates of initial 8th grade testers in Caddo increased from 63% in 2009 to 64% in 2010.

8th grade students scoring Basic and Above increased in all 4 areas.
English, from 53% to 54%
Mathematics, 47% to 49%
Science, 43% to 46%
Social Studies, 47% to 51%

The percentage of 8th grade students scoring Unsatisfactory was reduced in 2 out 4 subject areas—Math and Social Studies.

4th grade promotion rates were down, from 76% to 71%.

The percentage of students achieving Basic or Above decreased in English, Math and Science, while remaining steady in Social Studies.

Caddo's Spring Test Results 5/26/2010

Notable improvements related to the GEE:

The percentage of students scoring Basic and Above on the GEE increased in 2 areas:

English, from 54% to 56%

Social studies, from 55% to 57%

The percent of students scoring Unsatisfactory was reduced in three of the four tested areas.

Highlights from Superintendent's target schools (AUS):

For the second year in a row, Oak Park Elementary saw marked improvements in every content area.

At the middle school level, mixed results were seen with J.S. Clark making gains across the board and Bethune Middle Academy gaining in Math and Social Studies.

Mixed results at the high school level, with gains in some areas and losses in others.

Superintendent Dawkins cited these areas as the district's focus for the upcoming school year:

Continue to evaluate the effectiveness of all programs implemented to ensure that each Caddo student receives a quality education.

Middle and high schools will receive additional concentration and help in the areas of language arts and mathematics.

Superintendent's Target schools (Academically Unacceptable Schools or AUS) along with Academic Assistance (AA) schools will follow a comprehensive and aggressive curriculum to address literacy and mathematic scores:

o In-depth teaching to focus on the needs of individual students

o Increased monitoring

o Interim assessments

Fully establish of data teams at each school to review individual student data, by classroom, to identify areas requiring additional instructional support.

All schools will be under increased scrutiny because even our highest performing schools can be better.

A comprehensive Summer Remediation Program is planned for those elementary, middle, and high school students who were unsuccessful in meeting the promotional criteria. The intense focus of summer remediation will be on language arts and mathematics. Information regarding the summer program is available at the individual schools and has been sent home to parents (and is also attached to this release).

About LEAP
The LEAP test, or Louisiana Educational Assessment Program, is a standardized test given to fourth and eighth grade students. There are five achievement levels students can attain: Unsatisfactory, Approaching Basic, Basic, Mastery, or Advanced. Students in 4th and 8th grades must score at least Basic in one of the two subjects – English Language Arts or mathematics – and at least Approaching Basic in the other. To be eligible for graduation from high school, students taking the GEE must score at the Approaching Basic level or above in English and mathematics and either science or social studies.

About Caddo Parish Public Schools
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