FL woman gets breast implants with stolen identity

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (KSLA) – A Florida woman is being charged with credit card fraud after allegedly stealing another woman's identity, and then using it to pay for bigger breasts.

Florida police say that 29 year old Shatarka Nuby, stole the identity of a woman who had written her personal information on a college application. That application was dropped in a Florida mailbox but never arrived at the college.

The victim discovered she was over 19 thousand dollars in debt on five fraudulent credit cards that had been opened in her name.

Nuby used one of the five cards in Fort Lauderdale to have her breast implants replaced with larger ones and to have her arms thinned by liposuction.

According to police, Nuby has a history of trouble with the law over identity fraud. She had to serve just under a year in a county jail on fraud charges in three incidents just in 2008.